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Welcome to the home of Symbiosis, a WoW raiding guild on Steamwheedle Cartel!

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  • Xiony

    Early Team 4 ever!

Early Team killed stuff, lots of stuff.

Early Team progress. Trill is dead. We are on the heels of Late team in kills.

Trill is dead, we had our cake and ate it too.

  • Bryte

    I'm switching to melee. Being ranged is going to give me thunder thighs.

  • Teagen

    Congratz late team

  • Xiony

    You can't even see me :(

  • Olizia

    A photographer, Demon is not

  • Demonvein

    I took like 30 screenshots, but my screen capture software ruined all but one, this is it. Sorry :(

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