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Welcome to the home of Symbiosis, a WoW raiding guild on Steamwheedle Cartel!

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Congratulations to Late Team for being the first on the server to down Mythic Taloc!

All 3 of our teams are still recruiting, so feel free to put in an app today!

  • Bryte

    We have a website? Teasing aside, great job folks! Let's keep up the momentum and solidify our position. We're #1!

Raid teams are starting to get organized, hop in our discord and update your team on your toon/spec/preferences.

The countdown is almost complete friends! See you in BfA!

  • Manny

    While I do hate patch days in all forms, I am sad that I will be on vacation and might not get to play until Aug 20th >.<

  • Bryte

    NA #1! Who's going to be there for launch?

  • Ashmodai

    Probably won't be able to get on for any significant period of time until the weekend.

  • Manny



throwing this up right now...

Said it a million times, and I expect I will be venting about it again over the next few days.

That said, I am excited for a bit of change. I will be sad to see the Mage tower go! My weapon get nerfed is a small price to pay for a breath of fresh air. Legion has been stale ever since the release date was posted. Whatever comes from BFA aside, I will enjoy the new twists.

  • Bryte

    I'm eager to see where we stand with these new changes.

  • Manny

    ahhh lolz the servers are broken still.

  • Demonvein

    Looking forward to the new expansion, I plan on running late team again with push for quick heroic progression.

Summer time blues.

There are constants in WoW for examples...

Xpacs last too long

Bugs never get fixed when content is no longer "hard"

Summer slows things down

Kramb is far too loud, always

Floored gambles too much/too little

Right now we are in that unholy sweet spot were the Xpac has lasted too long and summer begins.

The guild is in the middle between standby and goofing off. Fear not, when the new release drops we will be right back to it.

This post will not been seen, unless i drop it in Discord :)

we have a website?

carry on!

  • Cipio

    I see the light in you, Manny...namaste!!

  • Bryte

    Danger Purple!

  • Demonvein

    I'm your huckleberry. P.S. Proofread your posts captain my captain.

  • Ashmodai

    I mean, if more people used the website.....they would know you can't spell/type. I think it's better left a secret eh?

3/11 M. Progress pulls on High Command. Go team.

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