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Welcome to the home of Symbiosis, a WoW raiding guild on Steamwheedle Cartel!

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Congratulations to Early team for their first kill of heroic KJ. Looking forward to moving onto mythics. If you would like to join the team, then feel free to put in an application or reach out to kibler#1183

  • Manny

    nice work!

Trilliax falls the same week after only 6 pulls. That puts us up to 3/10 M, but we continue to be on the recruiting train at all times. If you are looking to join the guild, throw up an application and join the raid hype train.

  • Manny

    niec work on the 2 new kills.

First kill of Chronomatic Anomally. Congratulations to the teams, and we are still actively recruiting! If you feel you could add to our mythic team, feel free to fill out an application. Great job team.

Symbiosis is now on the Mythic train, but we need more people to help fill out our rosters, quality dps and swap heals are always nice. Apply today!

  • Bryte

    If you guys ever do mythics on Tuesdays, I'll be there. :p

Late Team finally knocked out Gul'Dan. We really Sea Lion'd that guy.

Good job everyone!

  • Manny

    lol the puns roll on.

  • Horu

    grats guys

  • Demonvein

    Maybe we should rename the team to Late Team Pun Team

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