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Welcome to the home of Symbiosis, a WoW raiding guild on Steamwheedle Cartel!

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FYI we are mainly discord rats now. to let you all know are are currently running Mythic EP until the next raid hits. feel free to contact us in game!

little late but the late team kill

The slug is finally dead good job to both teams on getting this kill

  • Kristov

    Good job, everyone! Persistence finally paid off.

  • Manny

    Both teams, same night!

Congratulations to Late Team for being the first on the server to down Mythic Taloc!

All 3 of our teams are still recruiting, so feel free to put in an app today!

  • Bryte

    We have a website? Teasing aside, great job folks! Let's keep up the momentum and solidify our position. We're #1!

Raid teams are starting to get organized, hop in our discord and update your team on your toon/spec/preferences.

The countdown is almost complete friends! See you in BfA!

  • Manny

    While I do hate patch days in all forms, I am sad that I will be on vacation and might not get to play until Aug 20th >.<

  • Bryte

    NA #1! Who's going to be there for launch?

  • Ashmodai

    Probably won't be able to get on for any significant period of time until the weekend.

  • Manny


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